19 Years Of Kaho Na Pyaar Hai: Only Die Hard Fans Would Know These 19 Facts About The Blockbuster Movie. Are you one of them?

19 years Of Kaho na pyaar hai
19 years Of Kaho na pyaar hai

 Hrithik Roshan and Ameesha Patel Complete 19 years in Bollywood. We can’t deny the fact that Kaho Na Pyar Hai is certainly the highest grossing movie of the year 2000.

Kaho Na Pyar Hai gave incredible talent to the Bollywood,  a Greek God, and the girl next Door. This is one such movie that won over 102 awards in the same year and got its name in Gunnies World Record.

Kaho Na Pyaar Hai

Here, Presenting 19 Lesser Known Facts About the KNPH, that only Die Hard Fans Would Know?

Let’s Find Out Are you the One?

  • Ameesha Patel was not the First Choice Of The Movie for the lead role

    Kaho na pyaar hai
    Kaho na pyaar hai

Yes, you read it right It was Kareena Kapoor who got finalized for the role But Bebo Left The Movie Mid Way. As Kareena’s Mother, Babita didn’t want her daughter to wear a Bikini in her very first film.

  • Hrithik Roshan was Not Director Rakesh Roshan’s  First Choice For The Movie Either

    kaho na pyar hai hrithik srk s
    kaho na pyaar hai hrithik SRK

In fact, Mr. Roshan wanted Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan To Portray the Role Of Rohit and Raj Onscreen.

  •  Junior Roshan was Trained Under Sultan Of Bollywood Salman Khan

Source: Filmibeat

Very few People Know about this that Hrithik was the Assistant Director of the Movie Karan Arjun that Starred both the Khans of Bollywood Shahrukh and Salman. And who doesn’t know  Salman’s immense support for new talent .And As the role required a bulky body and Hrithik was too skinny for that So, Salman Helped Him Out.

  • The Character Raj From The Movie was Kept Left Handed For a Reason


Yes, the makers of the film have camouflaged Hrithik’s Double Thumb Through Gloves. As They wanted To Show Raj as Lefty because they want to hide the double thumb Hrithik becomes the Only Actor to won Best Actor and Best Debut Actor Male

  • Hrithik is the only actor in the industry to win Best Actor and Best Debut Award.

kaho na pyar hai filmfare
kaho na pyaar hai filmfare
  • The Actor Becomes Girls Favorite and even received 30,000 Marriage Proposals after the Release

Source Star Dust
Source Star Dust

Can you imagine 30,000 Marriage Proposals! But That’s True He was the real charm and we don’t blame girls though 

  • Big Soft Drink Brand Coca-Cola Signed Hrithik After Unintentionally Promoting it in the Movie

Source: Scoopwhoop

Hrithik unintentionally promoted the Soft Drink Coca-Cola in the movie. As Coca-Cola was throughout placed and promoted unintentionally in the movie The Brand Signed Hrithik as the Brand Ambassador

  • Raj Glasses were the Same Rohit Wear in Koi Mil Gaya

To add a  bit of difference in both the characters Raj and Rohit. It was Hrithik’s idea to add glasses on the Character RAJ. And we found the same glasses on Rohit In koi mil gaya.

  •  Senior Roshan was Shot by the sharpshooters after Denying Abu Salem a share of the film Overseas Collection

Kaho Na Pyaar Hai
Kaho Na Pyaar Hai

In the year 2000 January 21 Rakesh Roshan was Shot by the Attackers on refusing to share a profit of film Overseas Collection. Fortunately, nothing happened to him and luckily the attackers were caught. In Simi Garewal’s Interview, Hrithik shared that he even wanted to quit the movies post that incident

  • Singer Lucky Ali got his big break as a playback singer from the Movie


Lucky Ali was a playback singer in many Bollywood movies before Kaho Na Pyaar Hai but all that went unnoticed.But KNPH become Ali’s Big break in Bollywood

  • KNPH was added to Limca Book Of Awards

Kaho Na Pyar Hai was the huge commercial success.Director Rakesh Roshan got his first Film-fare award as a producer and director. Kaho Na Pyar hai earned a place in Limca Book of records.

  • The Movie has earned a place in Guinness Book Of World.

As mentioned earlier the movie was a massive hit and won numerous awards to be precise 102 awards and that’s a huge number for any movie has won till date so, got its entry in Guinness Book of world

  •  Ameesha Patel’s Mom was a Part Of Kaho Na Pyaar Hai

Source:Bollywood Family
Source:Bollywood Family

The role of Raj’s Mother was played by Asha Patel  Ameesha’s real Mother

  •  Did You Know Hrithik and Sussanne met for the first time in the same way as Rohit and Sonia Met

Hrithik and Sussanne
Hrithik and Sussanne

Hrithik and his ex-wife Sussanne met first time at the traffic signal in the same way as Rohit and Sonia Met

  •  After the release of the movie, there was a rise in visa applications for New Zealand

Source: Youtube

The second half of the Movie was actually Shot in  Queensland New Zealand in a scene when Raj is driving to Sonia’s House and the song Na Tum Jano Na Hum was shot in the same

  •  Kaho Na Pyar Hai made Hrithik Roshan Over Night Star

The Movie turned Hrithik into an overnight Star

  • Hrithik was Shy and Confused While Performing Dance Steps

During the first few days of the filming for the movie, Hrithik was actually shy and confused while Performing the Dance Steps

  • Farhan Khan Supported Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik And Farah
Hrithik And Farah

Choreographer Farhan Khan gives him moral Support and Hrithik Improved Tremendously

  • The Movie Made 62  Crores at the Box Office

It became the highest grossing movie of the year.

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