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13 Memories that might bring you a sense of nostalgia connected to Republic day

Childhood Memories
Childhood Memories

Republic Day memories

It always arouses a strong sense of nostalgia recalling those school days of republic day. I remember how I used to shiver with excitement for a merely two-minute speech at school, how we used to practice for days to bring the perfect steps for the dance performance & lot more.

Here’s presenting 13 memories of your childhood days connected to 26th January

The Special School Principal’s Speech


I remember how his speech would go on forever!

That Exceptional Laddu


Who can forget that drooling Boondi Laddu, School Authorities used to distribute one to each student after republic day function?

The Unusual Assembly at School

Republic Day


Student’s March Past.

March Past
March Past

Never ending Backstage Preparations


A day or two before republic day, everyone used to prepare their acts that last till the final act.

Well decorated school

Republic Day

The Flag Hoisting


Excessive listening of patriotic songs

sare jahan se acha
sare Jahan se acha

The very first Public holiday of the New Year

Waking up early to watch the republic day parade

jagran josh

Spending the entire day watching Patriotic Movies

mangal pandey

I remember how I desperately used to wait to watch the patriotic movies like Ab tumhare hawale Watan saathiyon, Mangal Pandey.

Going to Terrace to see the flags

Source-Indian express

Recalling the past memories of 26th January

Indira Gandhi

Wish those days could come back

More, Exclusive: Dancing Legend Prabhu Deva, Predominant Manoj Bajpayee & Veteran Actor Late Kader Khan awarded Padma Shri.



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