Bollywood Movies Where The Boy Chose The Wrong Girl

Bollywood Movies where Guy ended up with the Wrong Girl

 Every time After we watch a movie, we always end up discussing the story, characters, actors etc. Isn’t It? We generally feel one of the emotions happy or sad. Ever Felt Frustrated? yes, Frustrated 

Because you just can not understand what’s wrong with the Particular Character. Bollywood can not just use happy ever after Formula in every film they make.

I mean like seriously, I understand love but is there any place for Humanity? Why the hell the guy end up choosing a wrong girl or vice versa.

Here, we have compiled 6 Bollywood Movies where a Boy Chose the Wrong Girl.



This movie was all about Sridevi aka Kaajal Verma a Gold Digger, emotionally abusive, absolute liar I Could Go On and On.

Can You Believe It a wife is enticed by the deal of getting 2 crores for sharing her husband? Ideally, Urmila Matondkar aka Jhanvi Sahni should be the right choice for Anil Kapoor aka Raj Verma

 But, Kaajal after leaving her husband for money realized her mistake. To be Honest, Raj should have chosen Jhanvi over Kaajal her and Kaajal should be punished for being so greedy and selfish.



Saif(Gautam) choosing  Meera(Diana ) over Veronica(Deepika )was  Downright Unfair.

As initially Gautam our hero liked all these late night parties, stuffs like that. Cut To He Realises that he wants Sanskaari Gharelu Ladki In His Life.

So, that she could gel up well with his mom. He ditched Veronica Over  Meera.

Ideally, he should have chosen Veronica because she was there with him Throughout in all thick and thins.


Break Ke Baad

When Aaliyah  (Deepika)wanted to follow her dreams, she left her family and beloved with whom she shares a decade long friendship with (Abhay  Gulati) aka Imran Khan and moved to Australia.

She remains indifferent when Abhay follows her to Australia as if she is bored of him. And want to get rid of this relationship anyhow.

But, is finally shaken when Abhay announces his marriage. She then wanted everything back.

Abhay should have asked Aaliyah to back off and married someone who wasn’t as selfish as her.

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Biwi No.1

While there was so much to love about the movie, as in the end, Pooja played by Karisma Kapoor taught a much-needed lesson To Husband Prem, Salman Khan.

But there is something which we didn’t like in the movie, why anybody on earth would want Roopali (Sushmita Sen ) who is selfish, home breaker.

Earlier she left Saif Ali Khan for luxuries and when all was not well with Salman she settled for Saif Ali Khan.

Frankly, it’s not Rupali’s fault as she is like this but what’s wrong with Deepak he should have left her all alone.


boy chose wrong girl

Aside from the fact, it’s an awful film, Throughout the film Raj (Hrithik Roshan )was confused In figuring out who he actually loves.

Firstly, why would anyone on earth chat with somebody for 15 years without revealing their actual Identity?

And Secondly, you just cannot decide anything in life just like that. Hello, if l love someone you have emotions involved too.

Aside, from the fact that Raj was fickle minded, but for me, Rani(Pooja ) was the mastermind of the film. She can’t control everybody’s life initially she wants Kareena Kapoor (Tina )to be the one who used to write letters to Raj and when Tina starts falling for Raj she felt jealous, insecure and Reaches London To Study.

She Hummed that childhood tone in Church. Wasn’t it pre-planned? And when Raj recognizes her. She agrees to marry him and forgets all friendship behind.

Now, where is your concern for Tina your best friend and when she found Tina’s Father died she played Sati Savitri and whats everything like before.  Take a Deep Breath Woman!

And later Raj Chooses Pooja Over Tina Instead he should have chosen Tina at least she was not confused loyal and told him everything before marrying him. He made the wrong selection.


Kabhi alvida na kehna

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Whiny Dev played by Shahrukh Khan was jealous by the success of his wife Riya played by Preity Zinta and randomly decided to have an extramarital affair to deal with his insecurity.

Really Karan Johar?

At least, Riya was loyal to Him, They should have sat down and discussed their issues. Common Sense Is Dead!

These were the Movies where a Boy Chose the Wrong Girl.

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