Flashback Friday: 5 Reasons Why Gautam Rode’s & Jennifer Winget’s Saraswati Chandra Will Always Have a Special Place in Our Hearts!

Gautam Rode & Jennifer Winget's Saraswatichandra
Gautam Rode & Jennifer Winget's Saraswatichandra

5 reasons why Gautam Rode’s & Jennifer Winget’s Saraswatichandra still holds a special place in our hearts.

Television has evolved. A lot of variety has come in. New love stories have popped up, but they will never be able to fill the space in our hearts that Gautam Rode’s & Jennifer Winget’s Saraswatichandra did.

It was our daily dose of happiness, the one such reason that made us rush to our homes after work every day. It was our magical town where our romantic dreams came true. I am sure we all could go on and on about the reasons why we loved Saraswati Chandra so much. But, here are my 5 reasons why Saraswati Chandra still holds a special place in our hearts.

 Gautam Rode:

 Gautam is enough reason to watch the show and if you are going to tell me that if you were not crushing on him while watching Saraswati Chandra, we are going to have a tough time getting along, mate.

The Original Music:  

Undoubtedly, SaraswatiChandra’s’ magical tracks weaved in such a way into the story, making it all the more engaging & The best part is they still always made it to the top of my playlist. Hats off to Shreya Ghoshal & Javed Ali.

Jennifer Winget: 

Tell me one person who can rock Gujarati attire with such grace! I mean Jennifer Winget was the apt actress to play Kumud. None could play the deeply layered character of Kumud better than her.

Jennifer and Gautam’s heart Melting Chemistry

Gautam and Jennifer’s irresistible romantic connection as Saras and Kumud struck the right chord with the audience that we still cherish their bond. Jenny and Gautam have set the bar so high that it is almost impossible to match.

Perfect Storyline & Stellar Cast

Yes, this, of course, the historical classic context had the perfect story that till the end, the story left us with quite a cliffhanger didn’t it?? & Quality cast and crew with the quality script, made it like a dream project.

Major Missing is happening now! Someone, please take me back now!

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