If Bollywood Celebrities Were Hindi Idioms, These 16 B-Town Stars Would Perfectly Fill The Bill.

If Bollywood Celebrities were Hindi Idioms

If Bollywood Celebrities Were Hindi Idioms

Let’s face it Idioms and Proverbs have been defining our lives since forever.

We all have grown up listening to Naach Na Jane Angan Tedha, Bandar Kya Jane Adrak Ka Swad, That Makes Me wonder, there are many Bollywood Celebrities who fit the bill of some proverbs so perfectly.

Bollywood Celebrities As Hindi Idioms-

Take A Look

If Bollywood Celebrities were Hindi Idioms

Appears Once In A Blue Moon

Bollywood Celebrities Hindi proverb

A Stubborn Person Will Never Accept Logic
Bollywood Celebrities Hindi proverbs

To Be  A Practiced, Thief

Bollywood Celebrities Hindi proverb

Make The Crocodile An Enemy While You Live In The Water

Selling A Mirror To The Blind

Hindi Idioms

To Brag All The Time


Hindi Idioms

If You Want To Do Something Spectacular, Then Do It In Public


You, Will, Reap As You Sow

Hindi Idioms

Make Promises But Never Meet Them

Tit For Tat

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Bollywood Celebrities Hindi proverb

To Stay Away From Others

Bollywood Celebrities Hindi proverb

To Get Embarrassed After a Defeat

To Shift Loyalties Under Changing Circumstances


Bollywood Celebrities Hindi proverb

One Who Can’t Dance Claims The Stage Is Tilted


Displaying Fake Goodness After Doing Much Damage

Bollywood Celebrities Hindi proverb

To Make A Mountain Out Of A Mole Hill

Bollywood Celebrities Hindi proverb

Dig One’s Own Grave

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