11 Indian TV Shows Which Gives Us Major Friendship Goals!

Indian TV Shows Which Gives Us Major Friendship Goals!

Friendship has been an engaging theme for Indian TV with several shows being dedicated to this special bond! Some TV Shows explore friendship from a different perspective while some depict what we experience every day! From fights to tears to love, friendship is something we all live with! Here’s a list of 8 Indian TV Shows that redefined friendship

Dil Mill Gaye

Which Gives Us Major Friendship Goals!

The show tells the story of young aspiring interns who help each other through hardships in the world of medicine. The show also offers an insight into their interpersonal relationships.

Dil Dosti Dance

Indian TV Shows Which Gives Us Major Friendship Goals!

 Dil Dosti Dance-The show popularized the idea of Making Dance as a career choice In India. Breaking the stereotype, the story revolves around 4 College friends Ray, Sharon, Kriya, Swayam and their entire gang embark on a fascinating journey filled with joy, love, friendship, and romance.


TV Shows Redefined BFF Goals

The show tells the story of 4 students Tia Ahuja, Anvesha Ray Banerjee, Yuvraj Dev, and Ranveer Sisodia of an elite school Maurya High, who tackle difficult situations together to fulfill their dream of becoming music sensations. The show made us cry, laugh and miss our old friends and these characters never left our hearts and mind since then.


TV Shows Redefined Friendship Goals

Not Just Magical Tale of Women of Three Generations, The show also focuses on the story of 4 friends Dhruv, Jia, Raja, Mita, and even Pam. Because of the friendship between them, they were ready to go through anything to make each other happy

Left Right Left


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The story of 6 disoriented and confused cadets who belong to the Indian Military Academy. Their friendship face several hardships but, they stick together in order to achieve their dreams

Kya Mast Hai Life

kya mast hai life

One of the most loved gangs of Indian Television Raagini, Zeeshan, Ritu, Veer, and Zenia Still lives in our hearts

Hip Hip Hurray 

Indian TV Shows Which Gives Us Major Friendship Goals!

It is the tale of 12th-grade students at DeNobili High School. The shows depict how together these friends face fears, challenges, hopes, relationships as they enter adulthood. The sheer simplicity of their friendship wins our hearts and makes us think of the friends we made in our school days

Kyun Hota Hai Pyaar

Kyun Hota hai Pyaar

College-based TV Show that essentially focuses on the life and Friendship of Nikki, Adi, and Ash

Dhoom Machao Dhoom

Dhoom Machao Dhoom

Dhoom Machao Dhoom Is A Musical Drama Of  Ultimate Tale of Friendship of Girls Who Form Pink Band

Hum Se Hai Life Yaaron

Humse Hai Life Yaaron

The Story of small-town girl Sia who aspires to be a boxer, in the journey of reaching her dreams how she met Raghav and Arjun who helps her in achieving her dreams. The friendship between them is beautifully depicted on screen.

Kaisi Hai Yaarian

Kaisi Hai Yaarian

 Tale of five friends who form FAB5, a musical group in the best college in the city trying to achieve their dreams battling heart issues along the way, the beauty of their friendship still remains in our hearts

These Indian TV Shows Are but a few from the vast repository of Shows that celebrates Friendship. There are several more which showcases the emotions of friendship through beautiful stories.

From These Indian TV Shows Which Gives Us Major Friendship Goals!  which one is your favorite?

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