7 Lesser Known Facts of Untold Story of Draupadi & Bheema


Mahabharata a treasure trove of zig-zag relationships

Ever wondered who among the 5 Pandavas loved wife Draupadi truly?

Mahabharata one of the major Sanskrit epics of ancient India has the crisscross pairing of couples. We see co-husbands, co-wives; brothers from multiple fathers exist cordially at the same place.

Draupadi & 5 husbands

But the matter to shed light on is who among the 5 Pandavas loved wife Draupadi the most Was it Arjuna who wins her hand in swayamvar or was it attractive Nakula? Was it honest Yudhisthir? Magnanimous Sahadeva or the mighty Bheema?



The Most talked pair of Mahabharata is Arjuna-Draupadi while researches have shown that though Arjuna was unhappy with the decision that he has to share his wife with the brothers later he finds peace with Lord Krishna’s Sister Subhadra, Nakula and Sahadeva were not decision makers & Yudhisthir Draupadi relation was more based on Dharma.

While the answer is Bheema!


Yes, it was Bheema the man who loved Draupadi all his life but unfortunately became a man Draupadi ignored in her entire lifetime.

Presenting Lesser Known Facts that proved Bheema loved Draupadi the most.

Bheema Killed 100 Kauravas to take the revenge of Draupadi.

Draupadi Insult

Mighty Bheema carried Draupadi in his arms because she couldn’t walk in dense Jungle.

He also bought flowers for Draupadi from Kuber’s garden

Bheema rescued Draupadi when Jaydrath abducted her.

He even cried for his wife when she has to serve as maid to Queen Sudheshna


When Draupadi wanted Keechak killed for molesting her Yudhisthir told Draupadi that killing was not something they were supposed to do because it would expose their presence in Matsaya kingdom

But Bheema simply walked in and killed Keechak for molesting his wife.

Bheema killed Keechak

Bheema Took a Vow to kill all Kauravas for insulting Draupadi in public. After fulfilling his pledge he runs to Draupadi carrying Dushashana’s chest blood .He then sprays the blood on her hair. Only after which Draupadi ties her hair after 15 long years of wait.


Draupadi was the first to die when Pandavas were on their final journey to heaven Bheema crawled up to Draupadi accompanied her while she was breathing her last.

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